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DIVII: English Video Dictionary is a cross-platform mobile application that helps you learn English and build vocabulary with unlimited video examples. It is a one-of-its-kind English dictionary application that allows you to search meanings from video subtitles, access a wide range of vocabulary in Knowledge Hub, and organize word lists through Notebook. Just switch on the internet and get going!
- Search any wordphrase in DIVIIs massive database
- Enjoy video examples to understand the correct usage of a wordphrase searched
- Tap on any subtitled text to see its meaning along with video examples
- Stay updated and enjoy the wide range of news and entertainment videos
- Enhance your knowledge through customized vocabulary lists for competitive tests like IELTS, GRE, TOEIC, SAT and TOEFL as well as for business vocabulary, and everyday conversations
- Save and organize your searches in curated Notebook folders
- View and manage your search queries in History
- Scribble your thoughts in Note while checking meanings of a wordphrase
- Change the English dictionary language as per your preference from the multi-lingual options
- View word lists in flashcard mode for an enhanced experience
- Rectify and update yourself with the advanced audio pronunciation guide
To get the most out of DIVII: English Video Dictionary, download and enjoy it now on your smartphone. For more information, visit:
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